Can I have scarring from a case of shingles I had last year.?

Yes, scars can occur. Shingles can cause lesions in a dermatonal distributuion, i.e. Along a nerve root. These vesicles can scar. To decrease the risk of poor scars, one should take a course of an antiviral agent (e.g. Zovirax) and a 6 day Medrol (methylprednisolone) dose pack as well as topicals. It is extremely important not to scratch the lesions. For 6 monthes avoid the sun on the scars, use vit e or aloe or Mederma 2 times a day.
Probably not. If you did not have deep ulceration and you do not have scar on the affected site now, chance of scarring is nil.But, remember, you have a high probabliy of recurrence and if thar happens and if you have a deep sore you may get scarring.
Shingle Scarring. Anytime the skin is injured, scarring can result. Proper, aggressive wound care to help the skin heal as quickly as possible with as little trauma as possible can help to minimize this effect.
Shingles scars. Shingles is a form of herpes virus related to chicken pox infections. If the shingles lesion open or weep and are not properly cared for, scarring can ensue.