I only have body ache and fatigue for a week now. Is this flu?

Unlikely. You may have another viral infection. The most common symptoms of influenza are cough, fevers, chills, muscle and joint aches. The symptoms can last 7-10 days. There are treatments by prescription that are effective if started early in the illness. Get a flu shot each year to prevent influenza.

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Is it a cause of concern when you get over the flu and then have similar symptoms 9 days later? Symptoms: fatigue, chills, hot flashes, and body aches

Flu. You have to differentiate between 2 things that may happen after flu: one is bacterial infection ( staph pneumonia) which usually presents with high grade fever, chills, cough w\o chest pain. The other thing is the post viral syndrome which usually a continuation of the flu symptoms but get milder with time. Read more...