I have a loud snoring every night, I failed sleep apnea test! What is the medicine?

CPAP. You are describing a diagnosis of sleep apnea. Snoring is a sign that your airways are collapsing when you go to sleep, so you cannot get air to your lungs even when you try. The best fix is to apply pressure thru a mask, to keep the airways open so you can breathe. This is called cpap. Weight loss, oral appliances, and surgery are adjunctive options.
No medicine. There is no medicine that's going to help this problem. You need to talk with your doctor about treating the sleep apnea. The best treatment option to start with is cpap.

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What to do if I'm snoring from the age of 16 loud and frequent. I don't think I have sleep apnea. Since I don't choke at night. But my airways are blockedbrain damage?

Snoring. Hello. Snoring is only one symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. Daytime fatigue, witnessed apnea, obesity, hypertension, history of heart disease, MVA are all symptoms that could point to sleep apnea. There is a questionnaire called the epworth sleep score that your doctor can ask you to complete that will help determine if you should have a sleep study. Home studies are easy and accurate.

What do you suggest if I'm snoring from the age of 16 loud and frequent. I don't think I have sleep apnea. Since I don't choke at night. But my airways are blockedbrain damage?

Sleep apnea. Just because you don't choke doesn't mean you don't have it. Having a witnessed overnight sleep study (psg) is necessary to diagnose sleep apnea. See an ENT to evaluate your airways (checking for nasal blockage, deviated septum etc. See an allergist to eliminate that cause. Oxygen is critical to your well being. Snoring is not normal or healthy. Please see the appropriate professionals.
Sleep study. Sleep studies are the most accurate tests for diagnosing sleep apnea and snoring. If you have symptoms of sleep apnea, your doctor will refer you to have a sleep study also called PSG. Good luck.

What are normal breathing sounds for 92 yo? All night long has gasps, lapses, loud breaths, not typical snoring. Never noisy before. Sleep apnea?

Could be sleep apnea. But you need to see a doctor. The internet is a great place to answer some questions like "what is "sleep apnea? " or "what is cheyne-stokes breathing? " the internet not a good place to get a diagnosis. That requires obtaining a complete history, a hands-on physical exam, maybe a sleep study or echocardiogram, etc., use the internet to get the questions to bring to your doctor, not the answers.
Not normal. These are typical signs of sleep apnea, a condition which involve periods of ten seconds or more without breathing (apnea) and periods of time with shallow breathing and a significant decrease in blood oxygen levels (hypopnia). This condition can be diagnosed by a sleep specialist with either an overnight at home sleep test or at a sleep clinic.
Sounds like it. Your description sure sounds like a sleep apnea problem. You need to see your doctor asap and hopefully get referred for a sleep study so treatment can be initiated. Don't hesitate.

My son snores loud, his dad has sleep apnea. Is there a chance he has apnea as well? Should I have his tonsils/adenoids checked, does these cause snoring?

Yes. Large tonsils & adenoids can cause snoring and eventually lead to sleep apnea. The enlarged adenoids can be caused by infections and/or allergies and since dad suffers from sleep apnea and apples don't fall far from trees it might not be a bad idea to have him evaluated by your pmdand or ent.
Yes. You didn't mention his age, but snoring in children is not normal. Please have his pcp or ENT specialist see him for an examination. This can be a serious problem for children and can affect physical as well as cognitive and behavioral growth.
Yes. Depending on your son's age, I would absolutely get his to your family doctor. He may then possibly be referred to an ENT specialist. Early attention to his problems can hopefully allow him much better health as he gets older. I would also help him avoid become obese, which can further hinder success.

My dad sleep make a lot of noise snoring sound like a blockage in the air flow he smokes a lot, its loud and scares me can it be sleep apnea r smke?

Loud snoring. Hello, this sounds like your father needs a sleep study. The best way to diagnose the exact cause would be to have him see his doctor for a scheduled work up. Personally, my father died as a result of untreated sleep apnea. I often times wonder if I could have been more pressing for him to seek treatment. Show him this message and ask him to have the work up for you and his loved ones. ; stop cigs.
Perhaps. If your father snores, he can have obstructive sleep apnea (osa). Signs of having osa include snoring, daytime somnolence, morning headaches, and tiredness. Patients at risk of this disease tend to be overweight and have a short neck. Epworth sleepiness scale and sleep apnea clinical scores can help identify people at risk of this condition. A formal sleep study may need to be done to make dx.

Insomnia, frequent waking, very heavy snoring, unrefreshing sleep, fatigue every day. Sleep study confirms no sleep apnea present. What could it be?

UARS. In patients that snore and have frequent awakenings with nonrestorative sleep, the diagnosis is often uars (upper airway resistance syndrome) which is in the similar spectrum to apnea. Often devices such as snore guards (one such is snore rx) and treating nasal congestion (theraventsnoring, breathright, nasal sprays) can be helpful. See sleep specialist if not getting answers you need.
Snoring. Was this an overnight, witnessed sleep study? Snoring solutions: avoid sleeping on your back (sew a tennis ball into a pocket on the back of a t-shirt) lose weight see and ENT to be sure there aren't any nasal obstructions take medication for allergies use breathe rite strips have a dentist custom make an oral appliance.
You may suffer from. Upper airway resistance syndrom, most of the time this diagnosis is missed by sleep studies. Have them compare your rdi to ahi if it is almost double, you have issue, even though your ahi is very low and your oxygen saturation is above 90%.

How do I know if I have sleep apnea? I sleep really smoothly at night now (as far as I know!) no snoring. My only complaint is being easily startled.

Sleep study. The only way to know for sure is with a sleep study. Besides the conditions you list, other signs of sleep apnea are: morning headaches, poor memory, irritability & personality changes, gerd, bruxism, and night sweats to name but a few. Being overweight is a big risk factor and snoring is a frequent sign.
Testing. How do you know whether or not you sleep "smoothly" during the night? Has anyone slept with you and commented. The best answer is to take an overnight sleep study and have the md tell you the correct answer.

My son is 1 year old. He had adenoidectomy 3 weeks back due to snoring & sleep apnea. He still snores and wakes up at night. Is this normal? Next step

Mgt. It can occur, especially in the early post operative period. Were his tonsils also removed? There are many areas of the airway that can contribute to snoring. Usually a nasal steroid is prescribed to reduce nasal swelling. A virtual consult is available on line www. Healthtap, com/DosanjhMD Code; NCYHPZ.