I bit my tongue in my sleep and it woke me up?

Sounds painful. But i'm sure you're okay by now. If you're still experiencing discomfort please see a dentist. Hope this helps.

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I bit my tongue in my sleep. In the last few days, I developed canker sores across the bottom and it has swelled affecting my speech. What can I do?

Tongue Bite. Hello, this should be evaluated by your physician not only for the tongue sores and pain but also to look into the sleep history. Do you have a history of seizures? any sleep problems? This could be more than just a sore tongue. Motrin, ice and saline irrigations too. Good luck. Read more...

I bit my tongue in sleep now I have a large nickel sized white patch on tongue! Should I be worried?

Need to see tongue. Without more history as to the timing of the appearance of the white patch or the ability to see it it's difficult to give any meaningful advice.You can upload a picture of the rash at www.imgur.com the picture will be tagged with its own URL website You can RESUBMIT the question to us again with the URL address listed and we will be able to view it. This is all done anonymously . **See your Dr. Read more...