Should I be worried if my child has croup?

Get child to doctor. If my child had croup, i would immediately take him or her to the pediatrician. It may not be croup, but if it is, it could be dangerous. Don't worry, but get to the pediatrician now.
Can Be Bad. A classic sound described as a seal bark or dog bark. Usually worse at nite and 1st thing in the morning.It can be confirmed by your pediatrician. Learn to ignore the sound, but judge the severity by the discomfort of the child.Mild discomfort may respond to steaming the bathroom or a walk outside, more severe breathing trouble needs seen asap in the local er.The root infection is a cold virus.
Yes. The majority of croup cases are minor and will pass without treatment, yet some have more trouble & require office or hospital care. The intensity of symptoms separate the two groups, so be observant and contac your physician for guidence. A calm nurturing approach and simple rocking will often settle a crouping child, who is frighteded by the noise their vibrating airway makes with each cough.
No. Croup starts like a regular cold, then gets the "barky", seal-like cough. Cough is usually worse at night or first thing in the am, better during the day. Cool night air or the steamy shower bathroom routine can help break a croup cough spell. Your doc can give a one-time dose of a steroid which helps. If you can't break cough spell, notice blue around the lips or trouble breathing, go to the er.
Usually mild. Croup is usually viral illness affecting upper airway that is self limited. Most cases of viral croup are mild and can be treated at home. Usually with barking type of cough. Should consult physician to evaluate child for degree of respiratory difficulty and confirm diagnosis. Sometimes necessary to add steroids to albuterol and humidifier therapy if difficulty breathing.