How many calories should a ten year old girl consume?

use a formula below. Estimated energy expenditure will be= 135.3-{30.8x10 + pa (degree of physical activity)[(934x hieight in m(meter)] +10x weight (kg)] +25]}. Pa would be 1.31, if she is moderately active every day. For example, if she is of an average height and weight for 10 year old girl, then she would require about 2267 kcal. As you can see, calorie expenditure varies with height and weight and activities.

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How many calories should a ten year old girl consume each day?

Depends. There isn't a straightforward answer to this because it depends on stage of puberty, size, and level of activity of the child. More importantly is the content of the daily diet. Avoid sugared drinks, incorporate more fresh fruit and vegetables, and be active. Consider a wellness program for the child if overweight. Some insurance co offer this as do some hospitals. Read more...