How long does herpes last on a surface?

Herpes simplex. Like most viruses they do not survive long outside of a living cell. These are intracellular parasites and not capable of dividing outside of the inside of a living cell. They die quickly outside of the body, and can survive only in a liquid medium on an outside surface as long as the cells they were inside of survive, which is not long.

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How long does herpes last on a cold surface?

It doesn't matter. Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is not transmitted by contact with surfaces. Herpes is caught only by direct contact with the infected body part of someone with HSV, i.e. by kissing, sexual exposure, or other intimate contact. You won't catch it by exposure to "surfaces" (whether cold or warm), doorknobs, towels, or shared toilets, kitchens, eating utensils, drinking glasses, and so on. Read more...