How long a colon polyps take to grow back, after it is removed?

Variable. Exact rate;density of polyp growth to malignant transformation is virtually unknown due to so many variables, earlier studies the mean doubling time 130 days (53-1570) 5mm polyps increases size 5-9mmm mean mass decreases as some of the polyps spontaneously regress. If polyp is removed completely will not come back in the same spot.

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How fast fo colon polyps grow back?

Not very. If completely removed, they should not come back at the same site. Polyps are slow growing - unless you have an inherited colon cancer syndrome. That is why is most cases we recommend coming back in 5 years for most people with colon polyps. Read more...

Colon polyps. How long does it take for them to grow and what is the treatment?

Polyp growth is. Variable but to go from a single cell to a polyp the size of an eraser can take 2-3 years. The treatment is removal of all polyps to rule out malignancy or pre-malignancy during a colonoscopy. Read more...