How large of ovarian cyst needs removal?

6 cm? I'm not an ob/gyn, but i seem to think that 6 cm is large enough to warrant a procedure. I'm going to defer final answer to my ob/gyn colleagues out there that can answer more definitively.

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Is conceiving a child possible after removal of a big ovarian cyst?

Certainly. Oftentimes a large ovarian cyst can inhibit ability to get pregnant so fertility may actually be improved after removal of a cyst that is large, so yes. Read more...

Pain after removal of ovarian cyst. Is this normal?

Depends. If you just had surgery, it can of course be related to pain from that. But this should be decreasing as time goes on. Sometimes infections after surgery also happen. If it's been a while you may have a new cyst. Also, each time you have surgery you form scars inside called adhesions. These can also cause pain. So, see your doc. Read more...