How to stop bedwetting?

Very difficult. Bedwetting (enuresis) indicates that the control mechanisms of the automatic (autonomic) nervous system are irritable. This can be induced easily by poor diet, particularly the intake of sugar. Voluntary control comes with normal maturation (i.e. Growing up) and that demands good body/brain chemistry.
For child or adult? For both restrict fluids in evening & before bed. Wake & toilet children 1 - 2 hours after bed then try an enuresis alarm, which is the most effective mechanism to cure bedwetting in children > 7-years-old. Medication such as desmopressin to reduce nocturnal urine production or long acting anticholinergics to increase functional bladder capacity, for all ages, require physician's prescriptions.

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Can you tell me how to stop bedwetting again?

See your doctor. for evaluation. Urinary tract infections, diabetes, hormonal issues, and neurologic conditions would be some considerations that require treatment in a 46 year old with urinary incontinence or enuresis. Read more...

How can I stop diabetic bedwetting! Btw I'm diabetic!?

Glucose control. Monitoring your blood glucose and sticking to your insulin plan is the best way to prevent complications from diabetes. Regular and routine visits with an endocrinologist are very important. Control your diabetes, don't let it control you! Best to you. . Read more...