How does the doctor scope out scar tissue from total knee transplant?

suction shaver. I am not sure if you meant a total knee replacement, very unusual to scope knee replacement knees but if need be to remove scar tissue: it is removed using a suction shaver instrument.
Arthroscopy. In some cases, fibrous tissue causing pain, catching, or stiffness after a total knee can be removed with arthroscopic techniques. This is done with a small scope and a motorized shaver or wand that is designed to remove tissue.

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Can you have scar tissue under your kneecap? When someone arthroscopic surger can the doc view the back of the knee during the scope? Please explain

Sure you can have scar. Anywhere there's been an injury. As far as the back of any yet see you can see the back of the knee with arthroscope within the joint space. What you cannot see is the back of the knee where the jerk where you go outside the joint space so sometimes if you're asking the physician about condition at the very back of the knee they may tell you they can't see it arthroscopically because it's outside the joint capsule. Read more...