How to have your vaginal discharge smell nice?

Smelling of vagina. If you suffer from malodor of vagina-like a fishy odor-its due to an infection called bacterial vaginosis. A musty odor is from yeast vaginitis. A horrible odor is due to a retained tampon or other foreign body. When you use feminine hygiene products to "smell nice", you run the risk of creating more problems by replacing the 'good' bacteria and then a super infection can occur-avoid douching!

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I am have vaginal discharge that has a smell?

Most likely. Bacterial vaginosis is a disturbance in the normal ph balance and flora of the vagina that allows the gardnerella bacteria to overproliferate causing irritation and a fishy odor. It is easily treated with antibiotics.

Any info on 'fishy' smell with no vaginal discharge?

Might be bacterial. Fishy smelling discharge is usually one of the sighns of a bacterial infection. Get checked to be sure and to be treated with the appropriate antibiotic.

Any diagnosis of 'fishy' smell with no vaginal discharge?

Bv. Bacterial vaginosis is an overgrowth of a particular type of bacteria assoc with pH or hormonal imbalance. It may or may not have a discharge, but typically causes an ammonia or "fishy" smell.