How to get less scared of flying?

Support or CBT. If the fear of flying is generally mild, flying with supports (a friend or loved one) can help if possible. If not possible, you can ask you doctor for a medication that can help calm you. If the fear is moderate to severe (unable to get on a plane, thinking about flying makes you anxious), then cognitive behavioral therapy (8 to 12 sessions) is very helpful to overcome and manage the fear.
Aviophobia. There are three basic treatments for fear of flying severe enough to be classified as an anxiety disorder, systematic densensitization, cognitive therapy and medications. There is a nice overview at http://www.Guidetopsychology.Com/fearfly.Htm. The severity of your phobia will determine which intervention(s)-your family physician should be able to provide a referral to an appropriate specialist.
VRT for Phobias. Phobias and anxieties respond well to Virtual Reality Therapy(VRT). VRT is exposure therapy in a safe environment. The research suggests VRT is 90% effective. Seek out a therapist who uses VRT in your area. You can find providers through,, or
Conditioning. Go to your local small airport and get an introductory ride in a small airplane with a flight instructor. Tell him of your fear and be ready to be very surprised. You may even become a pilot. I have thousands of hours in the air as a pilot, however I still hate commercial flying.