Can I take l-carnitine when im trying to get pregnant?

Yes ; after. L-carnitine tartrate (carnipure) shuttles free fatty acids (ffa) to the mitochondria for energy production. It can be taken before and is indicated during gestation, as it reduces the increased level of plasma ffas, main cause of Insulin resistance during pregnancy, which can lead to gestational diabetes in 5-10% of pregnancies. Only 2 g l-carnipure tartrate have an impact on fatty acid enzymes.

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Can I drink green tea and take L-carnitine if im trying to get pregnant?

Yes-not too much tea. Green tea and l-carnitine are very safe and not known to create any problems in pregnancy. However, very large amounts of green tea might contain enough caffeine to increase risk of miscarriage, but a few cups a day should be fine. See http://www.Drweil.Com/drw/u/qaa44819/give-up-green-tea-during-pregnancy.Html. Read more...