Can I take hydroxyzine and claritin (loratadine)?

Hydroxyzine/Claritin. Hello, yes these two antihistamines are commonly used together. I usually use Hydroxyzine at night and Claritin (loratadine) during the day. If excess sedation is noted then see your doctor for other options, .

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I was given Loratadine by an ENT doc for allergies & Hydroxyzine for anxiety. Can I take both at same time or just one?

Yes you can. But better hydroxyzine at night and loratadine in the morning. Don't exceed prescribed dosages, and keep the follow up with your doctors. Loratadine should be non sedating, however, in some it can cause sedation, so if that happens be cautious, and tell your doctor about it, as hydroxyzine is sedating too. Don't advance dosage of either on your own, best wishes. Read more...

RA patient. I still get chronic swelling in lips and face despite taking Loratadine Fomatadine Zertec Hydroxyzine singulair (montelukast). Why despite the treatmnt?

May be doage issue: Combining an H1 & H2 blocker together usually works. But hydroxyzine becomes an H1 blocker, so it is redundant. But the most potent H1 and H2 receptor blockers is the same drug: Doxepin, a generic. Fifty mg of doxepin at night should really help with the other two! Read more...