Can herpes be only one bump?

Herpes simplex. Possible but unusual. Also, a bump is not the usual manner in which herpes presents. It is a vesicle (blister) which breaks down and forms a shallow ulcer that is tender and painful.

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Can genital herpes be only 1 bump? I had unprotected sex back in march then this tiny bump showed up late last week? I'm so worries please help :' (

Yes it can. Herpes can be one bump or many. Typically a herpes lesion has pain sensation associated with it. It can have a capsule like lid with fluid inside, but it also may not. If your lump feels solid, like raised skin, it likely isn't herpes. You can get a culture of the lesion and/or a blood test from your doctor. See a health care provider and hopefully they'll put your mind at ease. Read more...