Can eye drops be used as ear drops?

Eye to ear drops. Hello, we commonly use eye drops in the ear. They are neutral balanced and gentle to the eye thus easy on the ear canal. There are many more options for eye drops than ear drops too. So yes, your doctor may prescribe eye drops for in the ear application.

Related Questions

Could it be okay if I used eye contact cleaner for eye drops or ear drops?

No. Contact lens cleaner and/or disinfectant should not be used as an eye drop. I see no reason it could not be used in the ears, but it would have no therapeutic effect. Since both eye and ear drops are readily available over the counter, you should use them instead. Read more...

I have an ear infection and I was given what I thought was ear drops but it's ofloxacin 0.3% eye drops. What should I do?

Try it. You can give it a shot, using the eye drops, as the active ingredient is appropriate for treating ear infections. If you receive no relief in a day or two, contact your physician for the ear drop equivalent. Read more...