Can certain antibiotics cause a missed period?

Antibiotics usually. Don't cause one to miss a period. However a serious illness (which is treated with antibiotics) could.

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Can a corpus leteum cyst cause a missed period?

It is possible. According to http://www.Ovarian-cyst-symptoms.Info/corpus-luteum-cyst.Html: corpus luteum cysts can cause 'menstrual changes such as missed or late periods for more than one cycle are common symptoms.'. Read more...

Will taking levothyroxine cause a missed period?

Unlikely. Any thyroid dysfunction or imbalance of the thyroid hormones can affect ovulation and cause irregular periods. If the dose of shynthroid is ether too high or too low it can affect your periods but it usually requires very unbalanced thyroid hormones in order for it to inhibit ovulation . I would exclude other causes for a missed period such as pregnancy, stress. Read more...