Can a yolk sac be mistaken for a twin pregnancy in 8 week ultrasound?

Hope Not! By 8 weeks, it should be fairly easy to see 2 fetuses with their own hearts. This is a good time to define number of gestational sacs and placental disposition. Exactly what are the credentials of the person doing the sono? That is very important.

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How late can you detect a heartbeat from twin pregnancy with transvaginal ultra sound? If demise of one twin will other twin have issues?

Twin is high risk.. Generally, embryonic cardiac activity is seen between 5 and 6 menstrual weeks of pregnancy - single or twins or triplets. If both fetuses share a single placenta (monochorionic, monoamniotic placentation), and if one is demised, the other will likely have problems. A main concern is the effects of twin-twin transfusion. Read more...

Just had an ultrasound at 6wks/2dys twin sacs very close together. I've a very tilted uterus. A yolk sac was seen in one but no fetal pole/hb. Viable?

Twin sacs. You will need to have a few more scans over the coming weeks. It is possible that it was too early to see the fetus/heartbeat of both or either twin. Further scans will help see whether it is a miscarriage or not. It is not uncommon to see twin sacs early, but only one living baby later on. One twin can not develop ( it dies and is resorbed ) while the second twin does well with no problem at all. Read more...