Can a wrist ganglionic cyst rupture?

ganglion. Yes...In fact this used to be a treatment many years ago -- smack it with a bible! i wouldn't recommend it though.
yes. Ganglion cysts can vary in size as the cyst fluid shifts between the joint space and the cyst sac. However, the sac can also rupture as well.
Rip,aspirate,excise. Ganglions are thin walled cysts and can rupture, scar and become multiloculated. They can be aspirated to deflate them or excised surgically. See a hand surgeon.

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Can a ganglionic cyst be caused by someone grabbing and squeezing your wrist pretty hard?

No. Repetitive motion causes ganglion cysts, like typing, using a hammer, or driving all day every day. I even saw an anesthesiologist get one from incubating people all day. Treatment is aspiration or surgery. Read more...
Possibly. A ganglion cyst is usually caused by trauma to the joint capsule. The capsule is a cushion between adjacent bones. Overuse or straining are typical traumas. Grabbing and squeezing depending on the magnitude of force are possible sources of trauma. Read more...

I have a small ganglionic cyst on both of my 4th fingers. I have read Red Desert Clay helps with eliminating these cysts. Is that true?

Seeing is believing. It certainly sounds like this treatment has appeared to help some people with ganglions. The evidence seems to be a little anecdotal, which may not be based on real empirical evidence. But, what the heck, give it a try. If it doesn't work, well, you can always have it excised. Read more...