Can a vaginal discharge cause the skin to peel?

Vaginal infections. Secretions from some vaginal infections can cause the skin to peel. Have your obgyn examine you. If there is a change in your vaginal ph, that could happen.

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Change in vaginal discharge, blood in stool, itchy anus, faint vaginal odor, peeling on labia major, brusing & dryness after excretion?

Possible infection. You should see your gynecologist to see if you have an infection. Your stool can be analyzed to see if anything is in there that needs to be treated. Read more...

I am experiencing continued odourless vaginal discharge, itchiness, and painful skin. I'm 20 wks pg. Tried clomitrazole and pessary to no avail. Help?

May not be yeast. If you are having these symptoms and have tried yeast medications without improvement then this may not be a yeast infection. Let your obgyn do an exam and testing. Then the correct treatment can be given to help you solve this problems. Read more...