Blurred vision and weakness, no fever, is it a flu?

Hard to say. Very generalized ; non specific symptoms. Certainly, if you are significantly affected i would seek out care.
Flu? Flu does not cause blurred vision. Typical symptoms are fever-always, stomach or respiratory problems etc.

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I have been Atkins for 3 months. I just got off of it on wednesday. Since then I have a had a lot of carbs and sweets. I started it is just a weird feeling. Likie the flu but no other symptoms. No dizzyness or blurred vision just body pain

Not . Not clear if this is related to dietary change. Probably not. I bet you feel better now. But I do suggest that you easy on the carbs and calories. It would be a shame if you gain weight back that you lost. Keep protein intake up, stay active and watch the carbs. You may find the link below of interest. Read more...

Got the flu shot Friday and over the weekend I was having minor seizure activity. Blurred vision, eye roll etc. Can this be from the flu shot?

Mgt. This should definitely be reported to your PCP. This needs to be noted/reported. It may or may not be related. It would be very unusual for your seizure to be related directly to the flu vaccination itself. If you are allergic to eggs for example, an allergic reaction may occur. Read more...