Do you have to be type 1 diabetic to use insulin pump?

No. Type 2 diabetics who are Insulin dependent can be put on the pump as well. Dr kurzweil review: it is true that it may be possible, but unlikely. Type 2 diabetics should be controllable with good persistent medical care--nutritional, weight reduction, medication, exercise, if necessary a long-acting Insulin once daily, perhaps added short acting. A clinical expert endocrinologist could rx c pump.
Not at all. If you need Insulin (which many type 2 diabetics need) then you can be on an Insulin pump. Its a great way to control your diabetics but some times the cost is prohibitive.

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My wife is type 1 diabetic she is on an insulin pump this morning it quit how do we manage until new one only have novolg to be able to sleep?

Call your doctor. Likely he has samples of long-acting Insulin pens (levemir (insulin detemir) or lantus) that he can give her to take daily until new pump arrives. He'll probably want to see her soon in any case to ensure new pump is programmed correctly.
Lantus/Levemir. Either of these insulins can be used in lieu of basal pump insulin. They don't peak. Please call her doctor before the office closes to see if theyll prescribe and appropriate instructions to use for her. The doctor may have other protocols to follow as well.

Does a type 1 diabetic (40 years old) need an insulin pump?

Insulin pump. If you can afford it, an insulin pump is currently the best for you. You will be trained carefully regarding its use. Hope all goes well.

What are the pros and cons of an insulin pump? Does it keep a diabetic type 1 insulin in better check? No other health problems.

Appropriate for some. Insulin pump is a great tool to control both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and it is commonly used. However, not all patients are candidates for the Insulin pump. The only way to know is to have a discussion with your physician about your appropriateness for an Insulin pump.

Are there dietary restrictions for type 1 diabetics who have insulin pump?

Same as others w DM. Being on a pump does not change what ones diet should be. You should be on the same carb controlled diet as any diabetic. It does however give you the ability to take the appropriate amount of Insulin for the amount of carbs your having.

What are the side effects of taking Dianabol as a type 1 diabetic? I take ~70 units of novolog per day through an insulin pump and my A1c is 6.2

Is this what u want? I'm extremely glad that you are this savvy about your diabetes and want to manage it. If your are getting methandrostenolone illegally for bodybuilding, let your physician know anyway. Anabolic steroids have a complex interplay with your natural hormones. Why not opt for natural bodybuilding instead? Most women prefer it and you're not a cheater or lawbreaker.

My ck level is 5 times its normal level, should I be worried? I am 44 years old and type one diabetic since 5 years old. I am on an insulin pump since the past two years. During the past 4 months I feel pain and stiffnes in both my arms. I went to my gp an

You. You don t seem to have any sympotoms that might suggest you have a muscular or rheumatic disease, and the high ck might be related to something else. What other medications are you takind, trauma? No tissue damage anywere else, at the site of the pump in order do do a bx is usefull to have an area of mucle weakness or an abnormal MRI that shows inflammation of tghe muscle.
Myositis. You have myositis. A rheumatologist is the specialist who deals with these issues. You need to see one.

What determines the use of an insulin pump by a type 2 diabetic?

Similar to a Type 1. A type 2 diabetic who needs to use Insulin can consider an Insulin pump. The guidelines for recommending a pump are similar to those for a type 1 diabetic. The doctor will look at issues such as the patient's trouble controlling blood sugar levels with multiple daily Insulin injections, the frequency of past low blood sugar episodes, the presence of nerve/kidney/eye diabetes complications, etc...
Patient and doctor. If a patient has insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes, the decision to use a pump is up to the patient and physician.