Have uti, why do I need to get a pap smear?

UTI. There is no association obvious here. Unless your doctor found something which indicated that one was related to the other it is probably just the doctor being thorough and doing a pap smear to make sure that you do not have abnormalities.

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I need a female gynecologist. There's been no exams, pap smear, or mammogram in 10-15 Yrs. My family dr says I had a UTI. I think the antibiotic GAV?

Asking your doc... ... is the best bet to clear your current concern/confusion since s/he knows more about your pertinent clinical profile than anyone online. How to put all related things for good care together correctly? Refer to and follow instructions described in articles listed in http://www.formefirst.com/onDealSickness.html & in http://www.formefirst.com/onUTI.html. More? Welcome to contact me. Read more...

Had my first gyne visit yesterday, had a pap smear and had sex last night and this morning, now im having mild cramps is this normal LMP 5 nov no uti?

Go back to doctor. Without knowing what was done during your examination there is no way to know what your mild cramps are due to. Why don't you call the doctor who examined and treated you and ask? Read more...