Gastritis and colitis, are they related?

not always. Chrohn's disease: gastritis and colitis are coexist. Helicobacter pylori gastritis: gastric antrum and gastric body mucosa are involved, but colonic mucosa without histopathologic changes.

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Ct showed colitis in left & transv. Colon. History of gastritis & duodenitis. Dr. Thinks poss. Crohn's or u. Colitis. Biopsy sched. Which 1 more likely?

IBD. Crohn's usually involves very short segments of bowel while ulcerative colitis usually starts near the rectum and travels up the left colon, transverse and sometimes reaches the cecum in a more confluent pattern. Biopsies can help clear up this picture. Other causes of colitis include infection, ischemia and nsaids. Read more...