Where is safest place to be in a hurricane?

Safe Place /Hurrican. Your Life is Precious!
I commend you for wanting to be in a safest place in Hurricane.
Safest place during Hurricane is to be in a Shelter.
Prior to Hurricane, check Shelters closer to your Home, and the route to get there.
Evacuated. Follow the orders of your local police force. Sorry for the simple answer. (as high as possible on a very strong structure)
Well . If you can't evacuate your home. Generally in a home in an inside room on the basement or first floor with no windows.
Leave the area. Leave the area and go to a safe location. The local authorities will help guide you. Do not stay and try to weather the storm.
Protection in hurric. Always, stay safe in hurricanes by staying in doors, not outside.
Hurricane. Best is to go out of town - you usually know when the hurricane is due to hit - there is ample time to leave town. If you cannot then stay indoors and board up or have shutters on the windows. Newer homes have hurricane resistant windows etc..