What happens when a tooth is pulled?

Tooth out area heals. The tooth sits suspended it's boney socket by tiny ligaments. Careful movement with dental instruments cause the ligaments to tear and the tooth to come out. Once out, blood fills the socket and the healing response begins. Bone attempts regenerate but is overwhelmed by a much faster in-growth of gums leaving a depression which ends up being a sealed healthly covering over a depressed socket.
Ideally. You should consider having an implant placed at the same time or have socket preservation therapy for future implant placement. If this is for a wisdom tooth then no replacement indicated. If you don't consider tooth replacement with an implant or some other method you stand the chance of having teeth drift, tilt, extrude, bone loss ... Best to discuss all options with your dentist. Hope this.
Tooth pulled. You will be numb and not feel anything. Your body heals the site by filling in with bone and gum tissue. If not replaced, adjacent and opposing teeth tend to shift to close in the space. Your dentist will monitor healing and suggest replacement options. Generally speaking, implant retained crowns are your best replacement option. Any other specific questions?

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I'm interested to know what happens when you get a tooth pulled?

Extractions. Your dentist will numb the area so you don't feel anything. Then she\he will remove it with special dental instruments. At that point you will be give post-op instructions. Then you will have a space where the tooth was removed. Most likely, you will need to have that tooth replaced. Ask all your questions to the dentist removing the tooth. Good luck. Read more...
Healing. After the tooth is pulled, the socket fills with blood clot. This clot turns into bone over several months. The overlying gum tissues grow over the socket. Read more...