Why is there so much bleeding with cesarean hysterectomy?

Huge blood supply. Basically the pregnant uterus has a huge blood supply from numerous and very large blood vessels and the organ itself is very large. During surgery for a cesarean hysterectomy each vessel keeps bleeding copiously until it is secured with a suture ligation (stitch). In the nonpregnant state, the blood vessels and uterus are much, much smaller making it easier to secure the bleeding.

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After cesarean hysterectomy and prolonged it has taken me months, and I still cannot stand long. What went wrong?

Probably nothing. A cesarean hysterectomy is major surgery. Some docs only perform this a handful of times during their career. The procedure implies that you completed a pregnancy, probably had a complication such as heavy bleeding and needed a life saving emergency surgery. It takes time to recover from each of these let alone all together.It may take months for your stamina to return. Follow up with the surgeon. Read more...

Why should I be concerned about ovarian cancer after cesarean hysterectomy?

Not really. If you had that , which is uncommon, they most likely left your ovaries in. At the time of the hysterectomy they should have seen both ovaries and if anything was abnormal with either of them, they would have removed them. Your risk , assuming you have no other risk factors ( like a family history ) should be the same as anyone else. Read more...