What does it mean if you have a kidney stone & you have light bleeding when you urinate?

See a urologist. Blood in the urine should be evaluated. If you are not passing a stone and have no pain then the possibility of a kidney or bladder tumor should be excluded. If there is pain then the kidney stone may be passing and needs evaluation.

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Hi I recently have had bleeding every time I urinate this lasted about 2 weeks, prior to this my back was hurting very bad. Can a kidney stone caus?

Blood in urine. There are many causes of blood in the urine. Usually painful urination and be secondary to a urinary tract infection as well as kidney stones. If valuation usually begins with a urine specimen collection. Also can include imaging of the kidneys with a ultrasound or CAT scan. Depending on your other risk factors for cancer, such as smoking. Is urologic evaluation for cystoscopy maybe recommended. Read more...

I began noticing a bit of watery blood after urinating (sometimes after bowl movements) cytology, cytoscopy, psa, prost exam all neg, except small kidney stone in left kidney, is bleeding normal?

Hematuria. Although blood in the urine is never "normal", there are many possible causes that are relatively benign. Sounds like the lower urinary tract has been adequately evaluated. I would recommend a renal evaluation at this point. A nephrologist would be a good start. Read more...