What does it mean if there are white blood cells in my urine?

White blood cells. White blood cells are not normally found in the urine. Leukocytes/wbcs indicate that inflammatory/infectious process is occurring, especially if rbcs are not present to support the idea of whole blood in the urine. Lab findings must be taken in a clinical context; we need to know what symptoms, issues, or other info available if any to help evaluate.

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What does it mean my white blood cells is up in my urine? What kind of infection could it be. My doctor said my uti is clear

Pyuria. White cells in your urine can come from anywhere in your genitourinary system to include the vagina and paravaginal area. My suggestion: go to your doctor and get a urine after thoroughly cleaning the entire area around your urethra and while voiding, spread your labia so that the urine goes from bladder into cup and get urine in the cup after you start peeing, not right away. Read more...