What do doctors say about Monistat 3?

Monistat 3. Monistat 3 is a combination antifungal pack that contains both suppository (vagina) ; a cream(to relieve external itching) that contain Miconazole nitrate.

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I used Monistat 3 day treatment first time no doc vis. Second day so far. I've been experiencing a slight pinkish discharge that is dry clumpy pasty.

Not yeast? STD? Miconazole (Monistat®) treats yeast infection and nothing else. If you have itching or irritation in addition to discharge, yeast is possible. However, slightly bloody ("pinkish") dishcarge is unusual with yeast. If the discharge isn't better by tomorrow, stop the Monistat and see a doctor to be checked for other causes, such as STDs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, or trichomonas. Good luck! Read more...

Doctor prescribed me metronidazole 500mg 4 doses and im still experiencing itching and discomfort. I also tried monistat 3 day. Period is soon to come?

Vaginal itching. It's not uncommon to develop a yeast infection after taking metronidazole. Yeast infection can resolve in its own and so if the itching is not so bad you can wait a few days. You can consider something over the counter but do call your doctor for his or her suggestion of what you can do. Read more...