Should teens wear mouthguards for contact sports?

Absolutely. Many sports leagues require teens to wear mouth guards because of the high rate of dental trauma. The mouth guards can absorb the forces that cause small chips, large fractures, and in some cases tooth avulsion (teeth getting completely knocked out). There is a reason why all professional boxers, football players, and hockey players wear a mouth guard, and have a team dentist.
Yes. I believe that mouthguards should be worn by anyone, who plays competitively or recreationally, adult or child. I know, basketball is supposed to be a"a non contact sport." sure, yeah right. Teeth can break, jaws can be dislocated, and especially concussions can occur playing basketba.
Yes. Yes, I see a lot of broken, loosened, and knocked out teeth due to sports injuries. A mouthguard will save you a lot of heartache and money.
Absolutely. There were many patients is our office that did not wear mouthguards for contact sports only to be sorry. We've had to go in many times to our office to re-implant teeth that were knocked out, along with having to do an emergency splinting of displaced teeth that had to be followed up with root canal therapy and composite bonding or crowns. It is a very simple and necessary preventative measure.