Varicose veins on my breasts and on my areola, a sign of pregnancy?

Maybe. Prominent breast veins are common in pregnancy and can occur pretty early. But, if you're not pregnant and want to eliminate the veins, I've seen very good results with sclerotherapy. It's easy to do and most patients find it less painful than they thought it would be.
Could be! Pregnancy is associated with enlargement of the breasts and changes to the areola. These changes can also be due to a number of other things, however, such as the timing within the menstrual cycle. Over the counter urine pregnancy tests are incredibly sensitive - they are the same as used by hospitals and doctors offices. Feel free to buy the cheapest one and trust the result.

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I am having abnormal dimples and something that feels like a varicose vein in my breast. Should I be concerned?

Normal finding. I am amazed about how often I have women ask me about the veins on their breast. Occasionally they are spider veins but mostly they are blue veins. These are almost always normal findings and normal variations of chest veins. They tend to be more pronounced in fair skinned females and they may be related to hereditary factors or even pregnancies. No treatment is necessary unless for cosmetics. Read more...
Yes. Gsee you doctor and get a mammogram or ultrasound or MRI as soon as possible. Dumpling of the breast is abnormal and needs a diagnosis. Read more...