Why do men think they need facelifts?

Same as women. We live in a youth-oriented society that is discriminatory towards the older population (ageism). While men are not judged on their appearance to the same degree as women, some men feel the need to look young in order to be confident and competitive at work. Men, like women, want to look as young as they feel. Facial rejuvenation in men should be conservative in order to avoid looking feminized.
Personal choice. It is a personal choice by anyone, including men, to choose aesthetic surgery.
Youthful appearances. Men and women both want to look as young as they feel, and sometimes the changes of aging show up on the face sooner than men and women would like to see. In men, it is usually the neck that bothers them most and they want to get their strong jaw line back without a "turkey neck" under their chin. Looking good is not only a concern for women, and male plastic surgery is rapidly catching on.
Facelift for men. Men undergo face lifting procedures for the same reasons women do- to improve their appearance, feel better about themselves and look the way they feel. .
Aging face/ neck. Many men seek face or neck lifts for improved contour of the lower third of the face, jowls, jawline, and neck.
Personal reasons . The decision to have plastic surgery is ultimately a personal one and is motivated by a great variety of factors. As far as facelift, men want to look younger and rejuvenated too.
Neck. Many men are concerned about loose folds of tissue under the chin (submentum) and throughout the neck. Face/neck lift is a good option for many men but others benefit from direct removal of tissue from the submentum and neck without needing incisions near the ears.
Male Facelift. More and more men are becoming more aware of the importance of their appearance in their daily lives. In addition to medical skin care, surgical rejuvenation can make a big impact on an older man's appearance. Make sure your surgeon is well versed in the different goals of male and female facelifts so you don't end up with an overly feminized, tight, unnatural look.
Individual reasons. Generally, men (like women) think a facelift would be helpful if they look older, more tired, or more angry than they feel inside. The best facelift will "turn back the clock" for an individual patient about 15-20 years without making the patient appear "operated on." the decision for such elective surgery is an individual matter and varies from patient to patient.
Male facelifts. To feel normal, confident, young, competitive, attractive, potent, and a host of other reasons.