Is there good alternative to facelift at 40?

Yes! It all depends what you are concerned about. "minilifts" or short scar lifts may be good options for younger patients. Laser skin rejuvenation may be a good option too. Injectable fillers and Botox are good complementary treatments to consider. You should consult with an experienced facial surgeon to see what's right for you.
Meet with Doctor. There are plently of non-surgical atlernatives to facelifts but these results may be performed independently or in combination with facelift procedures. Few of these will achieve the magnitude of correction that a facelift can achieve, some will supplement and enhance the results of a facelift. Procedures include peels, laser, radiofrequency, high intensity ultrasound, fillers, fat, botox, etc.
Facelift. There are many different types of facelifts as well as alternative nonsurgical procedures. Your best bet would be to have your face evaluated by a board certified facial plastic surgeon.
For sure! Think about facial fillers and botox. There are also non-invasive treatments that will help. Best to consult with a doctor that has many alternatives!
Alt to Lift. Options to restore a youthful look include, Fillers, Kybella, facial liposuction with or w/o Thermi Rf and facelift. Every face is different, a cosmetic surgeon can discuss which options may be appropriate for you.
No. The changes effected from a facelift (decreased bowling, improved neckline) are difficult to obtain for non-surgical methods. Some skin resurfacing and injectable treatments can help, but surgery is much more definitive. It all depends on what your anatomy is and what your goals for improvement are. I suggest a formal surgical evaluation.
Mini Facelift. Minimally invasive procedures are the focus of all surgical fields and plastic surgery is no exception. The trend for looking your best has moved towards procedures that have rapid healing times, reduced risk and leave significantly less scarring than traditional methods. A mini facelift like the Lite Lift and others are less invasive than a facelift. Lasers and peels can also be helpful.
Yes. A combination of good skin care, exfoliation, resurfacing of the skin (i.e. Peels, laser, ipl), and injectible fillers can reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the face. While a facelift can last longer and give more dramatic results, if you are not ready for this procedure, you can also try the above options.
Facelift Alternative. Aging is best treated by a multi-pronged approach. First build a foundation with good skin care. Fillers, botox, and resurfacing with lasers, chemicals, or dermabrasion are very effective medical treatments for aging. Finally, surgery can help tighten and lift excess skin for the finishing touch. All of these complement, but do not replace, one another as part of your total beauty regimen.
Depends On Concern. At 40, you are approaching facial aging early. It is likely that you do not have enough aging changes to make a facelift worthwhile but there are many other options to improve on your early aging changes. The MOST important is proper skin care: sunscreen, anti-oxidant and retinoid daily. Smartlipo can be an excellent choice if you have fullness in the neck. CO2 laser can tighten loose skin.