Does one get intubated for wisdom tooth surgery?

That depends. That depends on what type of anesthesia you are having. If you are just receiving local anesthetic, then no. If you are have IV anesthesia, then no. If you are having general anesthesia, then yes. Which is the best way to go depends on how many teeth they are removing, how difficult they expect the procedure to be, and your personal preference. Speak to your oral surgeon about which option is best.
Rare. Almost never. Even with general anesthesia, usually delivered through IV. For best results, make sure you are evaluated and treated by an oral surgeon.

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I was wondering is it possible to get dry sockets 4 days after wisdom tooth surgery?

Dry sockets. Dry sockets (osteomyelitis) using happens around 48-72 hours after wisdom teeth surgery. It's because the blood clot has broken down and the bare bone is exposed. You will eventually heal but it will be painful. Your surgeon can treat the dry socket to make it feel much better. Give them a call tomorrow. Read more...