Why do arranged marriages last?

A bit of data. Interesting research, and it appears to depend on the culture. Across multiple studies, Indian spouses in arranged marriages report greater satisfaction than do spouses in partner selected marriages. But, this effect depends on duration. Newlyweds in partner selected marriages were happiest while over longer durations, those in arranged marriages reported greater happiness.
Arranged Marriages. Possibly because people give themselves time to discover what is lovable about their partner as they have committed themselves to each other so why not try to discover what is lovable about your life long partner.
Is that so? This isn't science. Arranged marriages take place in traditional societies in which women aren't free (law, economic oppression, lack of education) to get out of a bad marriage. Nothing's guaranteed in any marriage, but I'd urge you to look at other variables before you decide that arranged or even forced marriage "in which love may emerge over time" is the best option.