Does Azo affect a drug screen?

Sorry, but azo what? Azo can mean many things. Please be more specific and resubmit your question and we will do our best to answer it. Thank you very much.
My guess is you. Are referring to pyridium, which is the sold over the counter as Azo for urinary pain.

Pyridium will color the urine, but will not effect the immunoassay results of the drug screen. The results will not change.

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Will Azo help with a drug screen?

It will not... Attempting to foil a drug screen will just add misery for you--your employer or whoever is requesting the drug screen will see you not just a dope but also a liar (trying to hide/sabotage your drug test). So, it is better to come clean. If you have a problem, ask for help and you will get more respect that way. Be good. Be sober. Be drug-free. Be respected. Good luck. Read more...

Will azo work to pass my pre employment drug screen in less than 24hrs? How long till it starts taking affect? And how long does it last?

Drug screen. The best way to pass a drug screen is to abstain from using drugs. I am unaware of any over the counter product that will help you pass a drug screen. Read more...