I have a knot on my inner right cheek that is swollen and so sore right next to where I had my wisdom tooth pulled. What could this be?

possible infection. I would suggest going back to your dentist who pulled the tooth for an evaluation and appropriate treatment before it gets worse.
Blocked wharton duct. Call your oral surgeon. He/she will want to know how you are doing. You may have a gland that is blocked in your cheek called wharton duct. It could also be infection or other. Get an appointment for follow up after your wisdom teeth extraction. This could also be the stitch coming out from tooth extraction if you feel a string.
Inner cheek pain. If the wisdom tooth is a recent extraction, i would go back to the dentist who extracted the tooth. If it's directly in the middle of the inner cheek and gets worse with food in your mouth it could be a blocked salivary gland. I would go to an oral surgeon for evaluation.

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I have a knot on my inner lower right side of my cheek that is sore and swollen near where I had my wisdom tooth pulled? What could this be?

Your dentist can hel. Your dentist may be able to help, it is not uncommon to have cancur sores, they usually go away in one week. So if this knot does not settle down in 7-10 days or gets bigger or or more painful, then you should seek help from the dentist who pulled your wisdom tooth. Read more...
How long since? Normal if within a week of surgery. If longer than this, see oral surgeon who extracted tooth for exam. Could be delayed healing, bone fragment, etc. Read more...