If new husband, should 40 year old woman with heart disease feel pressured to have his child?

No! No matter what your health situation is, nobody should pressure you to do anything you are not comfortable with. Now if you both want a child, your ability to do so will strongly depend on what type of heart disease you have. There are many types of heart disease that do not preclude you from completing a successful pregnancy. Consult with your cardiologist.
No. No one should ever be pressured into having a child, regardless of health status.

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My husband is 58 and has had untreated high blood pressure for 20 years. He won't take medication. He's heavy. Is he at risk for heart disease?

Yes. Youf husband is not thinking right. With high blood pressure he is at risk for strokes, heart disease, kidney failure. She should have a full work up and be treated.
YES. High BP is a silent killer. It causes few symptoms until it's already damaged the heart, brain or kidneys. Usually by then damage is irreversible. Some media reports might confuse people because there's been recent debate about whether treatment is needed for mild hypertension. But it's pretty clear to everyone that anything over 150/90 or so is dangerous, especially over another 20-30 years.

What is involved testing for heart disease? What age should screening start? I'm wondering if I should be tested for heart disease with my regular physical. I'm 45 years old but have some early signs like high blood pressure. What tests are used to screen

Initially. Initially a complete history and physical exam. Major risk factors are age, male gender, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cigarette smoking and a family history of heart disease in males younger than 55 and women younger than 65. Stress testing currently not recommended unless you have symptoms. This can be best evaluated by your doctor.
Risk factors. You don't need screening for heart disease per se, but rather for factors that can lead to heart disease. BP, cholesterol, diabetes, weight/BMI are things that one should be screened for. At 45, you should definitely have all of those screens. Also, high blood pressure is not a sign of heart disease, but rather a condition that can lead to heart disease if left untreated.

I am always burping and little chest pressure. Thinking of any heart disease. One year before did tests but were normal. Have no heartburn but belching?

Frequent belching. Is a form of eructation, gerd or heartburn. Heartburn can be without pain just that acid and gas. You have had a good test for the heart and heart problem should not develop so suddenly unless something was missed. You are on Omeprazole so try an antacid or h2 blocker in addition (mylanta or zantac). Then go see your doctor and discuss it.

Mom/echo show hypertensive heart disease grade1last year, can it be reversed after gastric bypass? She had HTN with meds, now v. low pressure no meds, why

Possibly, yes. After gastric bypass and with significant weight loss there are many benefits frequently seen. Many people foe example no longer need medication for high blood pressure and many diabetic patients see improved sugar control. The early signs of hypertensive heart disease on echo include among other things a thicker ventricle muscle and this may normalize with better BP control. Hope this helps.
Syndrome X. Your mom's obesity was causing HTN, which in turn was stressing her heart. After gastric bypass & weight loss, the BP improved, so she's off medications - good! However, the structural changes on the heart from the stress will take longer to reverse, if at all. Time frame is 6 months to 10+ years. Some BP meds actually help this remodeling; others hinder it. TTYD or use HealthTap Prime to discuss.

How common is heart disease in women in their early forties? Mom dad brother and sister no heart disease. On BP med pressure good.

Uncommon. The annual incidence of coronary artery disease before age 65 in women is about 0.5 % per year (most of that risk is actually in the years just before 65) Annual incidence of any cardiovascular disease is about 1%. That number is double for men.

63 yr old male with CAD and heart disease. Can't get heart rate out of 80's on treadmill or recumbent bike. Do not take any blood pressure drugs.

Exercise HR. If you are not on a beta-blocker or calcium channel blocker, then there may be a problem with your heart's own pacemaker. The inability for your heart rate to respond appropriately to exercise is called chronotropic incompetance, and is sometimes treated with a pacemaker. Talk to your doc.
CAD. As long as you don't have any symptoms like dizziness, loss of consciousness, you don't have to worry about the heart rate. Resting heart rate more than 50 is acceptable. Some athletic persons has slower heartrate. If this low heart rate is something new, you should see your doc asap.

What does blood pressure have to do with heart disease?

Lots of thing. Blood pressure is responsible for lots of heart diseases and can do lots of thing to the heart namely heart enlargement. Hypertrophy of left ventricle, heart failure and heart attack. The BP can also cause dizziness and syncopy.
Two things. High blood pressure over many years can cause the heart to wear out such that the left ventricle becomes large and weakened. High blood pressure over many years can also predispose to the development of coronary artery disease which can cause chest pain and heart attacks.

Is it possible to have good blood pressure yet still have heart disease?

Many forms heart dis. Heart disease can exist in the absence of high blood pressure. Sometimes it can cause very low blood pressure. Also many arrhythmias, like atrial fibrillation, are unassociated with blood pressure. Angina can also occur without high bp. Also, high BP may be associated with kidney disease or other problems.