Does "sc blood group" exist?

SC Hemmoglobin. Yes it is not a blood group you may mean sc disease which is hemoglobinopathy and combination of sickcle and hemoglobin c and may need treatment an dhematology observation. Ask for referral to hematology.

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Who are sc blood group people? How is their state of health like?

HEMOGLOBIN SC DISEAS. It is a variety of sickle cell disease.It is a genetic blood disorder where the patient inherits hemoglobin s gene from one parent and hemoglobic c gene from the other parent. It has milder symptoms than ss or sickle cell disease in most but some can get severe symptoms like weakness, severe joint and extremity pan, abdominal pain, recurrent infections, anemia, retinopathy, and headaches. Read more...

What are the implications (or challenges) for an aa blood group person to marry a sc blood group?

1IN4SA,19N4CA,2IN4AA. There is one in four chance of a baby with sa or sickle cell trait, 1 in 4 of baby with ca, carrier of c hemoglobin and 2in4 chance of normal hemoglobin aa. Read more...