Can you get knee pain with varicose veins yes or no?

No. Extremely unlikely. Varicose vein discomfort is usually aching and heaviness along the side of the leg. Knee pain may be arthritis or nerve irritation.
Not likely. Varicose veins usually cause focal discomfort at the site of the visible veins or a diffuse leg discomfort below the knee. If you had a large cluster of veins adjacent to your knee then it might cause some pain in that local area. Pain within the knee joint area is more likely related to the joint, muscles, ligaments, or tendons. A ruptured Baker's cyst is another possibility. You might need MRI.
No. Your actual knee joint should not hurt. The veins can hurt. The muscles can hurt. The joint should not. Elevate your leg. If the knee still hurts after a minute, it's your knee, not the veins.