Does 100 mg of fluconazole every other day for 10 days seem reasonable for an extremely bad yeast infection?

Use daily Rx. It may help with every other day treatment, but we prefer to treat it daily for 10-14 days for severe yeast infection and we use single dose for mild yeast infection.
It's reasonable. If 1 dose of Fluconazole doesn't work, extended therapy such as an every other day regimen can be tried as well.

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100mg of Fluconazole every other day for 7 days for a yeast infection.... Not working, but I know I'm clean of std's. If it's not yeast, what is it??

Candida glabrata? This is an atypical treatment for vaginal yeast infection. A single dose of fluconazole by mouth is the normal treatment and ususally effective. However, about 10-15% of infections are caused by Candida glabrata, which is resitant to all "azole" drugs -- unlike the more common Candida albicans. Speak with your doctor about a) confirning the diagnosis and b) alternative treatments. Good luck! Read more...

I have hives. I don't know cause. First diagnosed with skin yeast infection. Took Diflucan (fluconazole) for 7 days. 2 nd steroid shot and Allegra. Itching bad.

Pls c an allergist. with such symptoms and initial therapy you received with limited improvement, you need to see a specialist, kindly check and look for "allergist locator" to spot an allergist in your area, good luck. Read more...