Have blood in my urine and esr/crp is 66 going for a chest X-ray what could be wrong with me?

Lots to consider. From what you have told us, blood in urine and elevated esr, the possible causes are too numerous to try and narrow down here for you. My suggestion is to make sure you have an appt with your doctor to go over the results of the tests and be prepared to ask and get an answer for all of your questions. Good luck.

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I am a 34 year old male having fever from last 8 days which comes at 5 in evening and hors by morning. My blood test, typhoid, malaria etc are normal. I have also done chest X-ray and urine test, reports of which are norma. My ESR test is 33 is it serio

IT DEPENDS. it really depend om how high your fever is .are you having any chills or night sweat if you are living in the west we will said it is a virus you are from pakistan and the chance of bacteria or unusual infection is more likely. so it is very hard to say if it is serious or not . see an infection disease specialist for help. Read more...