What can you do to lower IgE levels if they are high? I am have bad allergies and eczema

Consultation. With allergist to discuss the options for management of allergies, exzema and to rule out asthma.
Not important. Lowering the ige level is not the issue. Controlling the allergies with antihistamines, allergy shots or nasal inhalers is the issue.

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My son (4) had an IgE level of 1400 (high) what could cause this? He does have eczema and had a few environmental and good allergies.

Consider testing. The ige level that was measured is considered to be extremely high. If your son has pulmonary symptoms, a chest radiograph may be ordered by your physician to document structural changes in the airways. There is a condition called abpa which afffects about 10% of asthmatics and CF patients. Airway fungal sensitization can be measured and tests ordered to detect reactions to fungi as well. Read more...