Can you catch bedbugs from sitting on a hotel sofa or chair?

Bedbugs. In recent years, bed bugs have also made a comeback in the U.S. They are increasingly being encountered in homes, apartments, hotels, motels, health care facilities, dormitories, shelters, schools, and modes of transport. Other places where bed bugs sometimes appear include movie theaters, laundries/dry cleaners, furniture rental outlets and office buildings. Yes if sofa contaminated.
Yes. Lately we've had a resurgence of these little pests. Nobody knows why.
Unlikely. Remember that you don't "catch" bedbugs, rather you are bitten by them. In order to bite you they need access to bare skin. For this reason, in general people are bitten by bedbugs in bed. But if you were unlucky, and not wearing much, it is *possible* to be bitten while sitting on a hotel sofa or chair!