Brownish vaginal discharge and lower abdominal pain. Must be bacterial?

See your gyn. Multiple etiologises for those syptoms--not necessarily infectious.
Not necessarily. Discharge can be many things, bacterial infection is only one possibility. Brownish discharge is often menstrual related, old blood, or a sign that menses is about to start. Pain can also be caused by many things. A pelvic exam is a good starting point when evaluating these symptoms.

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I started experiencing pelvic pain six weeks ago and now it became worse. I also have lower abdominal pain and foul smelling vaginal discharge.?

Many possible reason. For experiencing pelvic pain, lower abdominal pain and a foul smelling vaginal discharge. A vaginal infection such as BV - bacterial vaginosis, a bladder infection, a uterine infection, for instance. Best to see a doctor to determine if there is an infection and get it treated. Read more...

I have lower abdominal pain for a day or two and then a vaginal discharge fish odor and then the pain disappear. Why?

Two different things. The pain could be related to ovulation, if you notice it around the middle of your menstrual cycle. At the time of ovulation, the cervix produces an increased amount of clear mucus. When that mucus takes up Gardnerella bacteria residing in the vagina, it could result in the fishy odor that you notice. Read more...

What would be causing me to have flank pain and lower abdominal pain with bloody vaginal discharge?

Pelvic infection? A pelvic infection in the vagina, cervix, uterus, tubes could cause those symptoms. I would be checked by your doctor or urgent care, especially if the pain worsens or fever is present. Of course, it could also just be an aberrant / slightly abnormal menstrual period as well. Read more...