Can I take tylenol (acetaminophen) sinus congestion with Claritin 24 hours?

Yes, for short time. The previous answer is sound. To add: the 3,000 mg per day relates to the Tylenol (a.k.a. acetaminophen) component. Also check the decongestant drug that appears in both products. If it is the same, mind the daily dose. If different, it is harder to advise around doses, but know that there is little need for both, and they may raise your blood pressure. Safer take plain Tylenol with Claritin-D 24.
Yes . You can take both medications together, pls make sure that you take no more than 3000mg per day. Any decongestant should be used for short period of time only to avoid rebound congestion, watch out for dryness if prolonged use of antihistamines like claritin (loratadine). Pls see your dr if symptoms persist after a couple of days. Hydrate well.

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How many hours after taking 2 tablets of "tylenol sinus congestion and pain" can a person consume one serving of alcohol?

Safety? As a combination, it is likely to be indirectly harmful. You are unlikely to permanently damage your liver, but the effects on your alertness, reaction time as well as dizziness or fatigue should be considered. Read more...

Symptoms: sharp ear pain unless taking Tylenol, (acetaminophen) throbbing, slight hearing loss. No fever or drainage. Slight sinus congestion. What could it be?

Eustacean tube dysfx. When the nasal sinuses are congested, it may block the opening of the Eustacean tube, which connects from the back of the nasopharynx to the middle ear and cause pain. At times, fluid may also accumulate. If there is significant pain or hearing loss, see your doctor to evaluate for a middle ear infection. Saline nasal spray may help to alleviate congestion without endangering your pregnancy. Read more...

I have sinus congestion & taking long overnight flight. OK to take Sudafed or Claritan this afternoon and 10 mg. Ambien tonight?

Safe. No drug interactions noted with regular Sudafed and Ambien. And no drug interactions noted between Claritan and Ambien per the Drugs.Com drug interaction checker. REF: Have a safe flight. Read more...