For 1 year swelling, very red and very watery eyes with stabbing pain in left eye, sweating and skin flaking on face and scalp, low grade fever.?

You need. You need to see an ophthalmologist for your eye and a dermatologist for your skin. You probably have rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis. Your eye problem is most important because you could lose your eye sight.

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My lymphnodes on back of my head keep swelling. I do have occasionally night sweats and run a low grade fever. Could this be related to my cylcles?

Unlikely. Enlarged neck lymph nodes usually suggest reaction to an infection in the head and neck region but may also be due to a disease of the lymph nodes themselves such as lymphoma. Get checked by a physician in a setting whereby the same physician or a pathologist can perform a fine needle aspiration biopsy of one of these nodes if lymphoma is suspected. Read more...

21 year old female with sharp stabbing pain right above my left ear out of nowhere and it goes into my left eye. Had a subdural hematoma on my right side of my head 4 years ago.

Get checked. Given your history seeing your doctor immediately or going to an urgent care is needed. Hydrate well and make sure blood test are done to figure out if there is a clotting defect. Check your blood pressure and get a through eye and neurological exam ! . Read more...