Any tips on how to deal w/ dry mouth from paxil/paroxetine? Dr. Said its bc of that I forgot to ask what to do? I drink plenty of water & eat healthy.

Some tips . Drink more water. Biotene products will help your mouth feel better. Chew xylitol gum or mints. Avoid acidic and sugary foods and drinks. Avoid mouthwash with alcohol. Talk tp your dentist about mi paste or fluoride. Regular dental care is very important. Hope this helps.
Dry mouth. Dry mouth is one of the side effects of Paxil, as we all as many other medications. May also be in part due to oral appliance (aligner trays) wear, diet, supplements, systemic diseases, allergic response to oral hygiene products, alcohol, and many other reasons. Discuss "Dry Mouth" with your Dentist. Give him/her complete list of meds (both Rx & OTC). Ask Dentist about Biotin products.